i was in a trailer for a remake of the cult classic movie "the warriors" .
we filmed it around long beach or something, the gear we had was spot
on and the fight makeup that included bruises and cuts was also really
great . besides being a great movie my favorite thing about "the warriors"
is they had a video game for playstation 2 . and since my sister liked the
movie we beat the video game together one school nite in her room .
it was the only time we really played a game like that :) anywho the
poster and trailer are below i would also like to point out they put me
on the cover of the poster and made me the leader of the warriors
yet cut me out entirely from the film ! SMH at my acting skills.... ;( ;( ;(


after going to the chateau then dancing at giorgio's for hours pamela
wanted come back and eat pizza . something about eating pizza at
2am is unreal . but my mom gave me a pussy lactose intolerant
stomach so i just fronted like i wasn't hungry and just sat there :/

i saw remington right before i left for Africa to ask if what we did
on NYE was real, if the feeling was real or if i was just dreaming .
OR were we just wildin' and getting way too turnt up . she told me it was
everything and that we should pursue it . so that's that... i live 4 her now



remington you are my mountain flower, and you and i
live in our -Sensual World- naturally this song's 4 you




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