her face to me, i see she's asking for a
dance, you know she loves my moves /
her hands around my waist, my arms
around her neck you know she
LOVES my moves

i got another sterling story 4 ya ;) it starts here at the agency party
for LA models . i took this photo to show you how desperate and hectic
it gets outside a party . everyone all eager w/ their grumpy faces cause
they can't get in, having their phones out and bitching like that will help... SMH

my dudes right here ^^ :) way too photogenic it's unfair

we call an uber and bounce to go to another party, sterling swoops a girl
from the LA models party and brings her w/ us... of course he does ;)

arrive to new place but decide last second to go to a house party . i'm like,
"alright i'll call an uber" . sterling replies, "no man it's cool my porsche is parked
around the corner" what ? sterling just being sterling . he had his vintage matte
black porsche that i didn't even know about just parked randomly around the block
at the location of the second party that we had no original intention of going to . OK

we walk in and sterling starts to play the piano wonderfully w/ this woman .
james and i go into a hottub and after about 30 minutes we realize he is gone .
he left w/ the only girl at the house ! lmao . so after about an hour james and i say
fuck it and he calls a cab for us to go home but his phone died right when we call
it so we go back inside and start to freestyle while we wait for it to charge . after 5
minutes sterling comes in the door MID RAP and JUST JOINS IN... no "goodbye"
text/ phonecall, no "i'm coming right back" text/phone call . he just comes back
like nothing happened at all and starts rapping w/ us . this guy, ok moving on..

i wore the house owners custom true blood speedos :P

on the left is james and on the right is this guy named Gable i think .
sterling freaked and said, "dude you're from michigan too ? oh hell yeah
you gotta come back to venice w/ me tonight !!" but it's 4:30 am and i
want to go the fuck home . i asked sterling to give me a ride 1 block east of
La cienaga so i can take a 5$ uber home . i doze off for a second in the car and
next thing i know we are by the 10 freeway, he tricked me and hijacked us all
to go back to venice w/ him .

"we good ?? do you guys want to wear my sweatpants ?? how about some
pasta ?? let me grab some blankets.." so now me and james are sitting in his
apartment in venice eating spaghetti and meatballs wearing sweatpants at
5:46am (look at the time ^^) . he's like, ok who wants to go watch the sunrise ?!
james and i look at eachother w/ that, "fuck this shit look" and we go to sleep .
so sterling goes w/ gable and watches the sunrise w/ him and having a moment
even tho he only ha known him for an hour or two, but it really doesn't matter 4
him . you know what ? i love that . that's life, that's so much love i can't . sterling
lives like i have not seen anyone live before . think of the most beautiful and
amazing person you know... sterling stunts on them . every writer who writes that
great novel about adventure and spirit dreams about a sterling . james wakes me
up at 9am to finally go home, i go into sterling's room 2 say goodbye and he is
asleep w/ a smile on his face . it just like.. never ends . i have a guy crush on him,
he's just too much . too much of a good thing is wonderful tho, adore this guy ß<3

at an EDM show and this couple comes dressed like they are in hollywood .
and this guy is dressed like he is at a, ummmm, EDM show i guess ^^

this guy was giving me an "acoustic light show" lmao i can't !!

kyle and kevin wanted to shoot and i hate doing test shoots but kyle
had the whole collection of philipp plein and DSquared2 so i was down

minji helping me w/ my laundry <3

did a job for a water company called vero, shot it w/ these two
girls and the photographer kesler tran above . quick n easy

kyle and i went to the DSquared2 opening and met some friends .
was chillin outside and dean and dan of DSquared were super feeling our vibes
and were hanging w/ us we got some hilarious photos they are amazing people

Dean and Dan of @dsquared2 in Nick's and my arms lookin like they are our high school sweethearts lol . Dan texted me the next day like, "Bae I can't wait till 4th period is over so I can spend lunch time w/ you ❤️" 😂😂

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kyle took me out for an ethiopian dinner and after we danced till everyone
had left the dancefloor at 4am w/ the most amazing girl, Kimi . best trio ever, don't
know who that other girl is on the curb but she was vibin' w/ us too . good nite :)









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