been playing wii music with my friends lately, soooo fun
the following is three different forms of drew playing electric guitar

the best

the worst

the worstest

even dad got in the mix

now he gives me tips via texts that i don't understand

annabel - me - stephanie - dad - mike
drew - bobby hill - olivia - dwight schrute - george costanza

ultimate annabel

sooo sick

corona has been getting savage on me over this dinosaur bone


what happened to the days we would chill? like this.....

or this










look were all friends right, we come here every sunday, we sit around here and its all a bunch of shit,
you guys talk all this surfacy bullshit. comedy is about pain man. and you guys are sittin here trying
to make the world think that its happy time, what im saying is, we all have our dark little secrets ya know.
and people see comedy and comedians, and they think its just ya know, like workin' in the circus.
but you're all fucked up and you know it, aren't ya...........