ok this post is me fan girling about my wild WILD boy sterling <3
we met on a pepsi job a year ago and really hit it off but only now just
started to hang out . i've never really experienced someone like him, he's
basically dean moriarty from "on the road" and i would be the guy looking
at him in complete awe like sam paradise . or him being james dean and
me the sidekick, sal mineo . it just never ends, he's always seeing what's
behind that corner, what's around the bend, w/ his mega blue eyes and
smirk that i follow to see if we can get into any more trouble ;) ok enough...
i will tell you about our friday night . the plan was to meet at jose's and then go to
grandpa johnson's . we meet a girl ^^ at jose's and she tells us she's going to milk
so instead the three of us call an uber and go there . i ran into some loved ones

some haters egged people outside, we had to take a photo

we leave and go to on the rox to meet these two . sterling met a girl
at milk so we left and met her where she was w/ her friend at another place

<3 <3 <3 Minji <3 <3 <3

it's now 4am and we are at their place, here sterling is giving
them a lightshow . yes, he had raver gloves casually in his jean
jacket pocket all night and yes he does it amazingly . we wake up here
around 8am and him and i walk along the freeway for a mile to starbucks..
kicking myself for not getting a photo of that moment ;)

shot w/ my two girls brea and paulina

gorgeous kimi at the magic castle <3

next friday nite w/ sterling... we are at on the rox and i am
having a good time dancing w/ this girl . she says to me, "let's get
out of here and get some pizza" i reply w/ the most BITCHASS reply
of all time, "i don't eat cheese i'm lactose intolerant" after i look down
and basically cry while thinking, "why did you just say that ?!" i look up
and she's smiling, she was into it :) i say yeah let's get out of here but i
gotta find my boy sterling, but he's nowhere in sight so i just bounce w/ her .
after about 15 min i call him and ask where he is, he simply replies, "i'm getting a
tattoo w/ two girls i just met..." (below) excuse me ?? never met someone like him B4

i told him not to do it and so we left to an after party and it was
just an amazing time as per usual . always is w/ this guy, i'm hoping
that madthirsty will show you many more adventures w/ this one ;)

bridget in my hat tho ^^ <3 <3 <3

next night i bring kimi, sterling, and james to this massive gay
dance event that goes till dawn . it's my favorite party in LA

free sterling lightshows as usual ;)

the guy on far right used to be the host at the restaurant i used
to work at 4 years ago in san diego, crazy seeing him there ^^

"hey bro let's go to spotlight and get some chicks !!" said no one ever :P
so you can see that it's all guys and half of them are shirtless because it starts
to feel like a sauna in there . so when you take off your shirt and are getting
through the crowd you are basically just gliding thru it because you and everyone
else is just lubed up w/ sweat . it feels very uninhibited and primal, it's like when
you see footage of woodstock and people fall in the mud and then they just embrace it
and live in it, it feels great in that moment :) if you think that sounds gross ur a lil' bitch

^^ beautiful, just beautiful . i look for places where love is in the
air, where u find freedom and an oppurtunity to get wild . you don't
see people falling in love and kissing in hollywood, you don't see
creative freedom and fashion . all you see is a bunch of girls in cocktail
dresses, guys in boring shirts, and a bunch of table service and instagram .
this is the real deal . simply smiling... and getting home at 4am and thinking,
"wow i truly had a wonderful evening tonight w/ amazing people" :)








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