i watched my mom's dog for 11 days while she went on a cruise . it
confirmed the fact i'm not into having any pets but the company was nice :)

look at how professional Taylor is, his modeling portfolio is an ipad
that rests beautifully in his leather Saint Laurent case . while my ghetto ass
still just has a bunch of laminated photos in a book n shit... smh (below)

roberta and i went to this BVLGARI event, when we walked
in they gave us a rock and said, "redeem your stone for a pair
of sunglasses from our new collection..." i thought, what kinda fancy
5th element bullshit shit is this ?? ended up giving them 2 cute kimi

this is THE woman right here ^^ the woman that discovered me and
changed my path in life . it's so wild to think that if she didn't come into
the restaurant where i worked i would prolly be a completely different person .
like if she just said, "no i don't want to go to nobu let's go somewhere else tonite"
i would probably not even be here in LA . it's wild to just think every decision no
matter how tiny can have a mega impact . i will love this one till the day i die <3

wi spa turn up :)
yo but for real tho, what's that white stuff on miles's face ??
all i gotta say is... "it wasn't me" *shaggy voice*

this is jordan, models.com just added him to their hot list . i am
almost certain that this kid will be a mega star, not only is he a
gorgeous teenager, but i didn't think it was possible to be so young
and have that johnny depp extreme kinda coolness . he's blowing up
but has no ego at all, definitely one to watch in the future .








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