there was not a soul on the dancefloor this nite . this is the
first time in my life where we had to get it started . and i finally
saw how it evolves, like if there is people dancing you just go in
and blend in . if there's not it's kinda awkward because you feel like all
eyes r on u . just funny to see people slowly be OK w/ it & join it's funny

behind taylor is what i call "stable of bitches" (no disrespect but) because whenever i go to
bootsy bellows, in the front room there are two tables where there is like 3 dudes,
and three rows of like 15 hot chicks . one row on the ground, another row on the seats,
and an additional row on top of the sofas . they just dance w/ only eachother in the same position
the whole nite, like it's a brothel . i mean doesn't it look kinda weird behind tay ? anywho note that girl....

.... 3 minutes later taylor was freaking her in the backroom....

.... 5 minutes later he was showing off his photobooth pictures of
him kissing her . i asked him if he got her number and he's like, "nah" .
i told him that he "is legend" . taylor is just THAT dude !

went to pacsun headquarters for two days to shoot their snowgear . it's pretty fun and easy,
they only have guy's do ecommerce once a year so i'll prolly never be back . i'll miss these fools

i'll miss this place the most :P ^^

kasey came over and we went to the grocery store to buy milk and cookies .
then remi and ruben came over and shooting bb guns and shining a laser pointer at people
on the street and then hiding whilst eating chocolate chip cookies ensued... just one of the nites :)

we were mobbing while smoking jay's and drinking on the streets . that nite we didn't give AF .
just straight wildin', we were on our WORST BEHAVIOR... mothafucka's never loved us








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