i worked for junk food again . it's been like 6 times
so me and the dudes are total bro's now . after the shoot
we went to have lunch at this deli, when matt (right) finished
his sandwhich he crumpled the wrapper and shot it like a
basketball into the trashcan . mike, the creative director, yelled
"nope !" and swatted it away w/ force like he was shaq . it went into
the lady's meal on the right and she was like, "are you serious ?!"
then you have two grown men giggling and apologizing it was
amazing . they are living proof that sillyness has no age limit <3

andrea and i went to a "real couples" casting, yeah right .
anywho i was driving her car and before we got gas she
heard the low gas beep and checked how many miles she
had left, she saw it said "0 mi" and said, "we good..." lmao

i got up to take a photo of quinten and seth and chatted
for a bit . sat back down and continued to drink, i noticed
the closer i got to the bottom i felt something moving around .
i was so disgusted when i got up someone put out their cigarette
in my stella and i just drank it unbeknowing for 5 minutes ;( ;(

this was at a casting at my agency, above is justin and khota .
it's so silly i have easily spent 5 minutes on her instagram before
meeting her and know a bit about her because she is extremely beautiful
and unique, probably the top stunner at our agency . and as gorgeous as she
is her personality is even better ! but when i met her i'm like, "hi i'm jesse what's your
name ?" and it's so just fucked up because back in the day when you met someone,
you met them . but those lines are so blurred because w/ instagram and facebook
we see so many faces and are familiar w/ them but have never met them . lots of
people know what my place looks like, all the girls i have been w/, what i do etc etc .
but when they meet me the are like, "hi who are you ??" and now i'm doing it ! so bullshit !
i saw her a week later w/ her boyfriend who is actually justin's ^^ brother, very cool people :)








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